Rev. David McAllister
Rev. David McAllister

November 2023

November 3, 2023


Focus on Giving Thanks


It has often been our practice in worship gatherings in the month of November to focus on a theme in the weeks prior to Thanksgiving.  We are doing that once again this year, in particular expanding our sense of Giving Thanks to more than just the Sunday preceding the national holiday. 


Each week we are emphasizing giving thanks for particular things:


November 5th  -  things we are thankful for in family and among friends


November 12th  -  ways in which we are grateful for the nature around us


November 19th  -  things we are thankful for in our relationship with God


We are doing this in part by inviting people to write on post-it notes and to place them on a wall of the worship space, where everyone can read them and give thanks for one another.  In order to include our Zoom participants, I am emailing them during the week prior to each Sunday, and inviting them to submit up to three things for which they are thankful, and then a volunteer will write those things on a post-it note for them and place it on the wall.


Not only does this expand the giving of thanks to more than one Sunday, but it also involves people in a different way in the worship experience, and, as we use a different color post-it note each week, it adds great color to the worship space.













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