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Rev. David McAllister

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October 22, 2021


Two More Images of Autumn


As I continue to assemble the PowerPoint presentation I mentioned last week, I am seeking to discover a variety of perspectives on this season of Autumn.  While I could certainly sit and view one beautiful photo of trees after another, and would be very content, I want to invite people to engage with the fullness of the season, and not just with my appreciation of trees with multi-colored leaves.  I also want to provide views that are diverse, so that people might imagine themselves to be in a particular place, and not just appreciating scenes that have nothing to do with them.


So, the first one I share with you this week is of the beginnings of color changes in the leaves of the trees as they outline an urban parking garage.


Then, I offer an Autumn sunset, remarkable for its beautiful clouds.


May you discover things to celebrate in each photo.




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