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September 23, 2022


An Artistic Community


As I was reading through the most recent “Seen Journal,” published by CIVA (Christians in Visual Arts), I came across an interesting interview with a couple who have had a significant role in developing a thriving arts community in a town in Ohio.  They responded to a call that they felt in their hearts, a call from God, and trusted that as they took one step after another, that God would provide for them and would help to open the doors that they needed to walk through.


Their faith-filled journey led them into interactions with artists, property owners and neighbors, and they slowly began the process of transforming the community around them, feeling themselves transformed even more along the way.


As I reflected upon their journey, and the ways in which they bridged the gap that often exists between churches and the arts, I marveled at both their commitment and their ability to forge partnerships that expanded the response of the community to the arts in their midst.  This is indeed a thriving arts community, where shared creativity, vision and hard work have brought about marvelous partnerships, and where lives have been touched in amazing ways.


While this couple was not pastoring a church, they approached their whole endeavor out of a commitment to faith, an underlying dependence on prayer, and a networking that expressed their commitment to the intersection of the arts and Christianity.


It is a beautiful thing when churches and artists interact and draw upon the gifts that each have to offer.  But such an endeavor truly succeeds when a faith community embraces the gifts that the arts can offer to the church, and recognizes the gifts that can be offered to artists as well.  Some measure of success can be achieved when one or two persons alone are committed to the work, but much more can happen when a significant portion of a church family decides to make such interactions a priority.  The support and commitment of the church, beyond just the efforts of the pastor and an interested couple of people, can make all the difference in forging a truly rich partnership between the congregation and the artists that it welcomes into its midst.  It is then that an amazing transformation can take place for all involved in the endeavor. 













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