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Lenten Reflections  2024



February 23


Lent is often about doing things differently.  This may or may not be a challenge for you, but we often find ourselves rushing around to get done with things, and we also often look back and see that we just keep doing things the same way all the time.  Think of something in your life that would be better done differently.  






Seeking New Directions



        Over these past years I have taken this website in a couple of different directions.  I began with somewhat general comments, settled on looking at the life of smaller churches, and then focused in on the arts especially as they can impact smaller churches.


        I have reached the point where I have written for a number of years about this latter theme, and feel that I have perhaps begun to reflect on things that I have written of in the past.  While I still feel that the arts in smaller churches are so important, and will continue to write about them from time to time, I am seeking a new diection now that may be broader in scope, but hopefully still helpful to those of you who visit this website.


        I am still discerning exactly where I am taking things, but value your visits and would welcome input as to themes that would be helpful to you.


        Thank you for visiting today.







Welcome to my website. I hope you will discover a connection to the life of small churches, and the richness that the arts can bring to these churches.


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